100W Foldable Solar Panel Mat

Item No.: CSUL-F4-100W
-Using A grade Mono Solar cells
-ETFE or PET coating
-600D fabric
-Adjustable supporting leg
-Output of the solar panel and the accessories is per customer's requirement
-OEM/ODM is supported
The 100w folding solar panel blanket is using A-Grade Mono solar cells and ETFE film, high efficent and scratch resistent. In-built support leg can adjust the angle facing to the sun. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking,designed for 12v Automotive, Marine and Recreational vehicle battery systems.For solar panel blanket wholesale,please inquiry
Item No. CSUL-50W CSUL-100W CSUL-120W CSUL-150W CSUL-160W CSUL-200W CSUL-320W
Rated Power 50W 100W 120W 150W 160W 200W 320W
Vmp 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V
Imp 2.43A 4.87A 5.85A 7.31A 7.8A 9.76A 15.6A
Voc 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V
Isc 2.67A 5.35A 6.43A 8.04A 8.58A 10.72A 17.16A
Dimension 896x415x30mm 1655x415x30mm 1556x550x30mm 1915x570x30mm 2110x550x30mm 2450x570x30mm 3020x730x30mm
Folded dimension 415x375x40mm 415x380x50mm 525x550x50mm 570x545x50mm 550x550x60mm 570x550x50mm 730x555x55mm
Tolerance +/-   3%

Design 2

The Output of Solar Panel and the Accessories can be made per Customer's requirement !