300W Foldable Solar Blanket

-Using A grade Mono Solar cells
-ETFE or PET coating
-600D fabric
-Output of the solar panel and the accessories is per customer's requirement
-OEM/ODM is supported
This 300W Foldable Solar Blanket is using highly efficient monocrystalline cells, it’s capable of generating up to 300w power. It is great for keeping batteries topped up while powering fridges,lights and other gadgets at camp. Additionally, the included PWM controller regulates voltage, ensuring device will be charged safely and efficiently.
Item No. CSSB-80W CSSB-120W CSSB-160W CSSB-200W CSSB-300W CSSB-420W
Rated Power 80W 120W 160W 200W 300W 420W
Vmp 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V 20.5V
Imp 3.9A 5.85A 7.8A 9.76A 14.63A 20.49A
Voc 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V 24.19V
Isc 4.29A 6.43A 8.58A 10.72A 16.09A 22.52A
Dimension 925x750x15mm 1290x750x15mm 1450x800x15mm 1390x1115x15mm 1940x1115x15mm 2520x1115x15mm
Folded dimension 375x360x35mm 375x360x50mm 410x400x50mm 550x372x50mm 550x372x70mm 560x372x90mm
Tolerance +/-   3%

The Output of Solar Panel and the Accessories can be made per Customer's requirement !